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Wellness Retreats & Yoga


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Wellness Retreats

Derived from Sanskrit, "Aarogya" translates to "overall well-being" & encompasses the health of mind, body & spirit.

Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of the picturesque mountains of Kandy, Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery & rejuvenation with our exclusive Wellness Retreat Packages at Aarogya Luxury Spa & Wellness Centre. As you step into our haven of serenity, the symphony of rustling leaves & gentle sounds of nature will guide you towards a profound sense of inner peace. Our thoughtfully curated packages seamlessly blend luxurious accommodation in nature with the ancient wisdom of local Ayurveda and Balinese therapies, offering you an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary, revitalizing & rejuvenating the mind, body & soul.


Immerse yourself in our tailor-made Wellness Retreats that intricately weave together the time-honored practices of Ayurveda and/or Balinese therapeutic rituals, yoga, & meditation in a luxurious mountain setting. Tailored to suit each individual, our programs provide a holistic approach to beauty, detox, relaxation, & weight loss, with a minimum duration of 4 nights. 


As part of our inclusive offerings, delight your palate with three gourmet meals per day, thoughtfully tailored to your well-being, & savor the goodness of unlimited fresh juices & herbal tea. Indulge in the luxury of daily Ayurveda and/or Balinese treatments totaling 120 minutes, complemented by rejuvenating yoga & meditation sessions. If following the Ayurveda path, engage consultations with our Ayurveda Doctor for a bespoke plan that addresses your unique requirements, including nourishing gourmet meal plans crafted to your specific Dosha type & needs. We extend exclusive discounts on room rates for Wellness Retreat bookings, rewarding & encouraging a commitment to wellness.


Your transformative journey awaits, embracing the perfect blend of ancient wellness and wisdom contemporary comfort with the natural ambiance of Aarunya.

Discounts on Room Rates for Wellness Package Bookings:

Accommodation is not included in the Wellness Package prices. 

- 10% for up to 5 nights.

- 15% for up to 10 nights.

- 20% over 10 nights.

NOT COMBINABLE with other offers. Full Board supplements apply.

Click here to download our Wellness Retreats Brochure.

Please enquire for more information.


Amenities & Activities

At Aarunya we offer a Spa and Wellness Centre with 3 singles & 1 couples treatments rooms, Ayurveda treatment facilities, Bathhouse, Sauna, Gym, villas with jacuzzis and private pools, Yoga/meditation Pavilion (14 pax + Yogi capacity), mountain bicycles, and nature/village walks in the beautiful surroundings.

Please enquire for more information.

Private Yoga Sessions

For guests that aren't on Wellness Retreats and All Inclusive packages, we offer private yoga sessions at additional cost with our in house Yogi.


a) The duration of each class is 60 minutes and can be tailor made.

b) A warm up and introduction to philosophy, techniques, background, and also meditation is included.

c) A post session reviver, water, and cold towels are included.

d) Classes must be scheduled in advance with at least one days notice. Timing is flexible (based on availability) however 7am or 5pm are recommended.

e) Ideally loose attire should be worn and a cold shower taken prior. One must practice prior to having meals. Preferably to avoid tea or coffee.

f) Any physical ailments to be brought to the teacher's notice.


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