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At Aarunya we offer private yoga classes with internationally recognised Yogis Sanjay and Yasmine, founders of Yoga Ashram Shanthi Niwahana in Kandy.

Sanjay has been teaching Hatha (passive) Yoga for 15 years. He is dedicated to the Buddhist path & has been to many retreats in Ashrams/Monasteries in India & Nepal searching for the higher truth, has met several Enlightened Gurus and also a Vipassana meditator of the Goenka tradition. Qualified to teach Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation. Jasmine is an ex Law student who too gave up her profession to solely focus on Yoga. She teaches the Vivekananda style and also Hatha, integrating human kinetics with anatomy.

Also other than Asanas they offer an insight to Yogic breathing - Pranayama, Buddhist Meditation techniques, & philosophy.


a) The duration of each class is 90 minutes and can be tailor made.

a) A 30 minute warm up and introduction to Sanjay/Yasmine's philosophy, techniques, background, and also meditation is included.

c) Pricing is $US80 for 1-2 People. Each additional person is $US20.

b) A post session reviver, water, and cold towels are included.

b) Classes must be scheduled in advance with at least one days notice. Timing is flexible (based on availability) however 7am or 5pm are recommended.

b) Ideally loose attire should be worn and a cold shower taken prior. One must practice prior to having meals. Preferably to avoid tea or coffee.

c) A disclaimer to be signed prior. Any physical ailments to be brought to the teacher's notice.

d) Either a male (Sanjay) or female (Jasmine) yogi can be requested at the time of booking.

Fitness & Activities

At Aarunya we offer a gym, swimming pool, yoga/meditation pavilion, mountain bicycles, and you can take village/nature hikes/cycling excursions in the beautiful surroundings.

Please enquire for more information.

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