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A Certified 'Safe & Secure' Level 1 Hotel

Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa is a certified ‘Safe and Secure’ Level 1 hotel. We look forward to welcoming you very soon. In the interests of protecting the health and safety of all our guests, please see our booking requirements below.

Aarunya has implemented a "Breathe Free" policy that includes our exclusive Health & Safety Guidelines & Preventative Protocols for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.

This has been launched in line with Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization’s guidelines. The manual covers every aspect of the hotels operations; guest and staff contact areas, equipment, safety measures and emergency protocols in place. This is in addition to the continuous staff training that is being carried out. The document is available as a template for all industry partners both locally and internationally and will be updated constantly to reflect all new information and measures as received. Aarunya has taken every step necessary to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety is maintained while we look forward to welcoming guests back to Sri Lanka and to our beautiful resort.

Please click here for more information about the Breathe Free Policy.

For more information please contact our reservations department at

Pre-Confirmed Booking

A pre-confirmed hotel booking is mandatory for the first 14 days in a certified 'Safe and Secure' (Level 1) hotel.

PCR Tests


Travel Insurance

Transfers & Excursions

Designated On-Call Hotel Doctor

Guests must show evidence of a negative PCR test from an accredited laboratory taken 96 hours before boarding of flights.

PCR tests conducted during the stay period to be pre-paid to the hotel soon after reservation. The first PCR test will be done shortly after arrival in Sri Lanka at the hotel, or at Asiri Private Hospital Kandy with a 24 hour drive-in testing center. Guests can check into the hotel pending test results, and quarantine at the hotel if results are positive and the guest's condition is not severe requiring hospitalization. A second PCR test is required per person if the visit to Sri Lanka is longer than 5 days. A third PCR test is required per person if the visit is longer than 14 days. The hotel Reservations Team will contact you with further information upon booking.

Each PCR test costs USD 40 per person.

All PCR tests will be performed by a private sector hospital laboratory approved by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health.

COVID-19 insurance cover for one month is required at USD12 per person from People’s Insurance PLC, to be pre-purchased and charged by the hotel upon reservation.

A banking and administration fee of USD26 per booking will also be charged.

Transfers from international airports to the hotel, transfers between Level 1 hotels and transfers to places of interest / excursions are provided by the hotel and must be pre-booked.

Excursions to permitted places of interest will be arranged by the hotel or your travel agent. Travelling will be conducted in a biosafety bubble for your safety.


Click here for a list of Government approved tourist sites and attractions.


Please enquire charges for excursions from our reservations team by emailing at the point of booking your stay

We have a designated on-call Hotel Doctor to monitor the health of guests and staff for your convenience.

Safe & Secure Certificate

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